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Sanctions against Iran: Trump warns countries NOT to do business with the Persian country

Iran – “Anyone who does business with Iran will NOT do business with the US,” said Trump on Twitter.  In November there will be a second round of measures.

In the early morning of this Tuesday the economic sanctions of the United States came into force, and President Donald Trump warned with threats, about the consequences of doing business with the Persian country.

“Anyone who does business with Iran will NOT do business with the United States, I’m asking for WORLD PEACE, nothing less!” Trump tweeted on Tuesday.

One of the first companies to pack it’s suitcases and leave, was the automotive Daimler, which on Tuesday announced its stoppage of activities in the Persian country.

“We suspended our activities in Iran with the application of sanctions,” explained the spokesman for this automotive company, which was expected to boost the manufacture and sale of Mercedes trucks in the Iranian market.

The United States reintroduced the sanctions at midnight in Washington (early in the morning in Argentina), in an attempt to increase pressure against the country to negotiate a nuclear agreement different from the 2015 , and get Tehran to change its regional policy.

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