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Russian Pilots Crash-Landed Jet Into Cornfield

The Russian pilots that crash-landed a fuel-laden jet in a cornfield, with no damage to the 233 individuals aboard, are being labeled as heroes.

The A321 was literally merely 15 mins into its trip, right after takeoff out of Moscow’s Zhukovsky flight terminal, when a pack of seagulls became pulled right into its motors, triggering both of these to stop working.

Some Russians are definitely comparing the drama to “Miracle on the Hudson” – the bird strike which practically doomed an Airplane over New York City during 2009, still, ended on a positive note when the captain landed the plane safely and securely inside the Hudson Waterway or river.

What did happen to the Russian A321?

It was actually a routine trip coming from Moscow to Simferopol, in Crimea, with 226 travelers aboard, mainly heading on vacation to the coastline.

The Ural Airlines aircraft weighed 77 tonnes and captain Damir Yusupov said to press reporters, just how narrowly the people with 7 crew members evaded tragedy.

Capt Damir Yusupov was applauded with a “textbook” crash-landing, the airplane was climbing up, speeding up, when initially just one motor failed, after that the other all of a sudden turned off.

The moment one motor stopped working these experts still believed they might continue back to the airport terminal, Capt Yusupov pointed out.

” When we saw that the 2nd engine was also dropping power, in spite of all of our attempts, the airplane started losing height,” this person explained.

” I changed my mind a number of times considering that I was actually intending to gain more height,” the guy shared.

However, Flightradar records reveal that the A321 had reached the 243m (797ft).

” I intended to get to a specific height, keep it there, find out why the motor failed, make the appropriate decision, work everything out. However, at that point, it ended up there was  barely any kind of time.”

Capt Yusupov and even his co-pilot, Georgi Murzin, managed to stop the gasoline supply to the motors and even maintained the plane level, coasting it down right into the cornfield, without lowering the undercarriage.

With the wheels down, generally, there is a danger of flying particles bursting the airplane’s gas storage tanks.

This individual pointed out he had in the past practiced unexpected emergency touchdowns on a flight simulation in Ural Airlines.

” I truly do not feel like a hero,” the man stated. “I did what I needed to do, saved the aircraft, the travelers, and the crew.”

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