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Russian Military Specialists Arrived in Venezuela

In the course of his visit to Moscow, Nicolas Maduro verified the arrival of Russian military specialists in Venezuela however did not state the reason that these people came to the Caribbean region.

” These people showed up a couple of days back, I was heading to Moscow and a couple of airplanes were landing with personnel from the military-technical advising commission which is within Venezuela, those individuals that arrived at the start of the year and even sent new equipment,” this person mentioned.

The political researcher & lecturer in St. Petersburg State Educational Institution, Víktor Jeifets, talked with Middle East Headlines News regarding the objective of the Russian armed force within the Bolivarian Republic, and also the turmoil that Caracas is normally experiencing.

Is the presence of the Russian army throughout Venezuela a genuine aid with regard to Nicolás Maduro, or is it moral like assistance?

Those that are sent out to Venezuela are not soldiers out of the Russian Army, but technological experts.

Keeping in mind that these types of individuals are never intended to take part in the fighting, it is a worker’s reformation.

Maduro: Trump ought to have a political trial for blackmailing Venezuela,
within the framework of the conflict among Maduro and the western side nations, led by the United States, it is definitely not an aspect of cognitive tension, but instead one of trolling, in which the Venezuelan leader points out: “Look, the Russians are here, the Russians are going to protect me. ”

It is really not likely that Moscow is going to agree to take part in an armed forces venture in order to protect Leader Maduro.

What our experts are observing is that Russia is available and that they keep on supporting the Bolivarian Commonwealth politically.

When Maduro arrived in Russia, he made numerous favorable announcements regarding Russia and also the Russian leader. Were these particular words an exhibition of respect, or maybe is there anything else in them?

Trump makes more allies for Venezuela and Russia 

It is a demonstration of what Maduro was looking for and what he received: political support from the Kremlin.

Moscow showed that it does not intend to leave the Venezuelan Government without political and economic help, and continues to see it as legitimate.

In this situation, it is obviously something valuable for Maduro. He does not need additional soldiers, what he needs is for Moscow to continue making it clear that [Russia] is by his side. Maybe it’s not behind Maduro, but at least it’s close.

What could Russian military specialists in Venezuela be doing?

Why can’t Caracas manage alone?

Caracas does not have enough specialists with an adequately high level of training for the maintenance of air defense systems, which is why it was always done by Russian experts.

As far as I know, part of these systems was affected by the blackouts that occurred in Venezuela during the last several months and had to be reconfigured.

How would you evaluate the cooperation that takes place between the two countries and what real benefits do they get?

Above all, Venezuela receives fully functional anti-aircraft defense systems, in case there is a need to use them.

For Russia, this military cooperation is necessary to demonstrate its geopolitical presence. We definitely do not plan to get involved in an arms race with the US, but we will show that not only they can be in our backyard: we can do it too.

Russia, alarmed by the US plans to activate the TIAR against Venezuela.

We are not opening a military base in Venezuela, but we have the opportunity to use its ports and we can carry out joint military maneuvers very close to the US. Therefore, the importance of Venezuela to Moscow lies in this area.

I believe that Russia will not open military bases in this country since the Venezuelan Constitution explicitly prohibits its presence on the territory of the Republic.

These issues are in the hands not only of the executive branch but also of the legislature. And, the Venezuelan Parliament will not approve it under any circumstances.

I doubt that Russia wants to cause a violation of the constitutional norms of Venezuela.

What other help can Russia offer from a military point of view?

How will Venezuela pay for the maintenance of the war machinery provided by Russia?

Few things you can offer by way of payment. You could expand the possibilities for Russian investments and use properties to pay for your credits or supplies. But nobody knows if Russia will demand an additional payment.

Although Caracas is an ally that has weakened considerably, it remains an ally, and in the context of a semi-war and a cold semi-peace with the countries of the West, even allies like this set-up.

What reaction can be expected from Trump regarding this issue?

Was Washington temporarily satisfied with the presence of Russian specialists in Venezuela?

I think not even Trump knows what he will write tomorrow on Twitter, so it is completely useless to predict anything in this regard.

I do not think that Washington has conformed, surely there will be some statements.

The US can not remain silent watching Russian military specialists in Venezuela but it also knows that it simply can not make the Russian military leave.

Can Russia’s current military support defend Venezuela from an invasion?

In case there is a large-scale military invasion, I don’t think the Venezuelan Army can with the American. But it can inflict considerable damage on the sea. That could be enough for Americans to give up a military invasion along this route.

Bolton Ultimatum: is the US willing to asphyxiate Venezuela economically?
If it were an invasion by land, from Colombia, the Venezuelan Army will not need the help of Russian specialists and will be able to fend for itself with its own forces.
Here there could be private military companies that could participate in military operations, but they would not be officially sent by Russia. There, in the jungle conditions, it is not complicated to generate problems for the neighbor. But I think Russia hopes that the thing does not reach a direct military confrontation.

It is seen that the White House is making fewer allusions to Venezuela: it is clear that it has more immediate problems. Do you think they changed tactics and chose to strangle the Bolivarian Republic with sanctions?

They continue to do so quite effectively, and I think Washington will continue to invent something new because the election campaign is already beginning and Trump needs to show some victories, whatever the field. Venezuela is a good option to show some achievement, talking about how great it is and what it is capable of doing.

Seeing the Russian military specialists in Venezuela has not pushed the [USA] to prove anything.

Can Maduro continue to control the population, and how much longer will Venezuelans continue to settle for such a tough crisis?

Well, they don’t have many options either, so this remains to be seen.

Venezuelans are not delighted with Maduro, but that does not mean that they are willing to take to the streets.

The population is tired and the opposition lost part of its support, but that does not mean that they have begun to believe the Government. They are simply tired, and can not go to demonstrations as if it were their place of work.

Can we be talking about the calm before the storm?

We may be talking about tranquility, but it remains to be seen if there will be a storm because the Russian military specialists in Venezuela is so dynamic that it can change in any direction over the course of a month.

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