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Russian Military Acting as Peacekeeper Between US Troops and Syria Civilians

The Middle East (Consortium News) – The Russian Military Acting as Peacekeeper between US Army and Syrian Civilians by preventing the acceleration of conflict among troops and civilians in the district of Al Hasaka in northeastern Syria, stated the head of the Russian Hub for Reconciliation, Yuri Borenkov.

On February 12th in the early morning, an American armed forces convoy redirected from its path and killed a 14-year-old kid and also injured another man by opening fire on a bunch of Syrian civilians that attempted to stop the convoy from traveling through the city of Qamishli.

Russia is the Peacekeeper Between US and Syria
It seems that Russia
is Acting as Peacekeeper Between US army and Syrian people

The SANA firm disclosed that the ” Syrian army within the area prevented 4 motor vehicles of the United States occupation while passing on the Al Suwais – Alaia – Khirbet Ammo street; at that point, numerous locals from the communities of Khirbet Ammo and even Hamou collected close to the post, trying to stop United States army motor vehicles, trying to get them to go back where they came from. “

The United States Army, the agent claimed, “discharged actual bullets as well as smoke bombs at local people,” triggering the death of a Khirbet civilian, leaving another from Hamou seriously hurt.

In reacting to the assault, neighborhood people destroyed all 4 American vehicles, as the United States, armed forces were bringing reinforcements to the region, consisting of 5 armored vehicles, in order to take out compromised motor vehicles and also remove personnel. Russian Military Acting as Peacekeeper seems to be the norm withing the Middle east.

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