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Russian Il-20 plane obliterated in Syria

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The Russian Il-20 spy plane came with 15 servicemen aboard, when it vanished in Syria’s skies.

An Il-20 monitoring or spy plane toting 15 Russian servicemen disappeared altogether from tracking system on Sept. 17 th  after supposedly being shot down at the hand of Syria.

The same air self defense devices that safeguard Syria from Israeli planes.

“Hiding behind the Russian aircraft, the Israeli pilots put it in the line of fire of Syrian anti-aircraft systems. As a result, the Il-20 was shot down by the S-200 missile system,” the Russian Security Ministry’s formal spokesperson, Maj-Gen Igor Konashenkov, said.

Moscow has characterized Israel’s responses as aggressive, and even stated it reserves the right to strike back.

“As a result of the irresponsible actions by the Israeli military, 15 Russian servicemen have died.

This is absolutely out of line with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership,” Konashenkov pointed out.

The Russian Il-20 is a turboprop jet created back in the mid-1970 s.

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The Russian Il-20

The misfortunate plane had been probably updated using the most recent instruments when it comes to radio-electronic war. Basically, the jet functions as a type of locator – it spots ground and even air targets, intercepts discussions among the adversary, and also, in case required, can easily disconnect the opponent’s communicating and even electronic devices through transmitting strong disturbance.

Trump sends caution to Syria, Russia, Iran over ‘reckless’ attack on Idlib

“The new equipment [on the Il-20] makes it possible to monitor and even ‘dazzle’ Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) and long-range radar detection aircraft,” a source coming from the Russian armed forces informed Russia Beyond.

As indicating by the developers, an upgraded Il-20 is able to likewise install an “electromagnetic shield” to crate even more interruptions in rival communications.

“Before the electronic interference system starts, the aircraft scans the radio signals in its area of activity. After detecting the frequencies at which the enemy planes operate, the operator of the aircraft turns on interference in the required range,” the source included.

The airplane can easily transmit every one of the reconnaissance info it obtains to company headquarters where, in case needed, rocket and even aviation devices could be guided to the targets.

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The aircraft can easily remain the sky without landing for as much as TWELVE hours.
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  1. The fact that “CNN” was already trying to shift the blame onto Syria before an investigation has been carried out makes it very obvious that the Zionist regime is responsible for this act of illegal aggression against Russia.

  2. It’s unlikely it went down due to friendly fire. What AA batteries were involved, likely Pantsirs. These would not mistake an Il-20 for an enemy fighter. Rather, the Ilyushin was shot down by the aggressor in order to proceed. Well, an older system like S-200 might have done it? If it was Israel, the US has every reason to obscure that fact. The US is interested in Israel destroying Iranian assets, not a full-blown confrontation between Russia and Israel. Despite the warmongers clamouring here and elsewhere, Russia’s calm, pondered responses are a blessing. Unlike the US, they will gather real intelligence first. Israel tries to provoke, things aren’t going well for them: Iranian presence near their borders, Turkey and Russia striking peaceful deals instead of delacerating each other. The US and their Kurdish allies losing ground. If Russia/Syrian regime and Turkey can come to an agreement, that bodes ill for the de facto Kurdish controlled Jazeera. Here, Israel would lose yet another ally. A rash reaction is that last thing needed right now.

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