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Russian Astronaut Oleg Kononenko Executes Spacewalk Outside ISS

Almost 4 hours into a spacewalk Tuesday, Russian Astronaut Oleg Kononenko took out a knife and started slicing inside a space capsule docked with the International Spaceport Station or better known as ISS.

Very soon they started cutting through the external insulation, with spurts of fragments soaring right into space.

These astronauts made use of what resembled shrubbery shears in order to chop through the protection which was actually the space capsule’s external cover, and after that, right into an aluminum micrometeoroid guard underneath it.

” Don’t forget to be careful,” Russian aviation operators inside Moscow continuously cautioned the rocketeers, shielded against the vacuum of space with only a spacesuit. “And don’t forget about the sharp edges. That’s our main concern.”

Lastly, the cosmonauts, Oleg Kononenko, with Sergey Prokopyev, located what they were looking for: a very small opening within the space capsule’s mold.

These space travelers looked for this specific leak because they were looking for signs of who or what made this “round tiny hole on a Soyuz spacecraft” which is presently hooked up with the space station.

This triggered a tiny air leakage with the spaceport station back in August.

Although swiftly secured, it really agitated space relationships among the United State of America &  Russia, considering that Russian press hypothesized that a “NASA cosmonaut had intentionally sabotaged the space station.” The report read.

The spacewalk, being the 213th on the station, started during 10:59 a.m. and went on for 7 hrs, 45 mins.

The Soyuz space capsule is going to go back to Earth later this month.

The damages brought on by Tuesday’s examination will present zero danger to the astronauts on their return trip home.

That component of the space capsule definitely will be discarded prior to re-entry.


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