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Russian Army Spotted US Planes

The Russian army spotted US planes as well as drones within locations of supposed opposition of ISIS the so-called Islamic State headed by Abu Bakr, outlawed within Russia and also various other nations, claimed Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov.

” Our armed forces discovered United States aircraft throughout the region, in addition to drones that might be working there,” Peskov informed press reporters.

The governmental spokesperson included that “If  this particular information regarding the removal or death of Baghdadi is actually verified, one might speak generally of a significant contribution created by the leader of the united state of America in the fight against international terrorism.”

Iranian Minister of Communication: Baghdadi was a creation of the US itself.

The US f15 eagle Fighter Jet

On October 27th, US President Donald Trump announced the elimination of jihadist leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi in a special operation in northwestern Syria.

He explained that the ISIS leader detonated a belt of explosives after being cornered in a tunnel, causing his own death and that of three others.

Trump said the analyzes “confirmed Baghdadi’s identity”.

Bagdadi first appeared in the public eye on July 2014 in the Iraqi city of Mosul, where he proclaimed an Islamic state in the Middle East and was taken from ISIS last July.

The US media published information about the annihilation of the terrorist leader, but none of them were confirmed as of yet.

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