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Russia warns Donald Trump about the ‘red lines’ he should not cross in Venezuela

Russia warned Donald Trump Administration about the red lines they should never cross in Venezuela, said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Riabkov.

“We have marked red lines to the Americans, among them an armed interference is inadmissible,” Riabkov told Izvestia newspaper.

The Russian vice-chancellor is scheduled to travel to Venezuela in the second half of July, as announced earlier this month by the ambassador of the South American country in Moscow, Carlos Faría.

“A military intervention in Venezuela will not have the support of South America”

Riabkov stressed that it will not be tolerated that Washington imposes on the Venezuelan people a model that has already been predetermined by political collusion.

He noted that “the policy responsible for the legitimate Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, his intention to dialogue, the consultations with the opposing factions, the involvement of different actors, including the International Contact Group and countries such as Russia, China, and Turkey, increase the expectations that Americans have a more prudent and balanced approach. ”

“I think we can move in the right direction with the common efforts of all sensible partners, although I would not underestimate the risks of a further aggravation of the situation,” he said.

“To designate Guaido as president means to return to the times of the colony”

He remarked that “history shows that the United States in some cases does not stop at nothing, ignoring warnings and even decency and not even mentioning its international legal commitments.”

Venezuela is experiencing a political-economic crisis that intensified in January after the leader of the opposition backed by the United States, Juan Guaidó, proclaimed himself president in charge.

Guaido was immediately recognized by the US, to which some 50 countries joined. Russia, China, Turkey, Bolivia, and many other countries recognize Maduro as the sole legitimate president of Venezuela.

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