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Russia Protests Illegal US Military Presence in Syria

The Russian International Bureau said it is not in the best interest of anyone if the United States attempts to perpetuate the illegal US military presence in Northeastern Syria near oil areas. 

” Any type of response with which the United States attempts to reinforce its own illegal military presence is contradicted, for our viewpoint, with intercontinental regulation and is inadmissible,” Russian Minister Of Foreign Affairs Sergey Vershinin told press reporters.

Turkish news organization Anadolu recently disclosed that the United States armed force is actually constructing a couple of new bases inside the Syrian northeastern governorate of Deir Ezzor, abundant in crude oil resources. 

What is their Illegal US Military Presence in Syria?

The photos recorded via Anadolu show that the United States started moving various building and construction equipment within the region.

There is likewise records intending to set out an extra 250 to 300 soldiers, armored vehicles, massive weapons as well as ammo to the territory.

On November 1st, United States soldiers returned to patrol missions in close proximity to the crude oil sectors out of northeastern Syria, put on hold while Turkey performed its own operation in opposition to Kurdish militias within borderline locations.

Discussions among Kurds and Damascus

Vershinin added that Russia is certainly prepared to add to the negotiations with the Kurds and Damascus on the topic of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS) amalgamate into the Syrian Government Military.

Syrian Kurds wait for Russia’s assistance with regard to the discussion on Damascus

We said more than once, that we promote discussion among Kurdish representatives and also central powers within Damascus, and our experts view Kurds as an inalienable component of Syrian culture,” Vershinin said to media reporters.

The vice-chancellor made clear that Russia wants to add to the discussion, featuring the consolidation of the Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG) into the SDS, Syrian Army.

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