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Russia Patents the ‘kamikaze’ Satellite

MOSCOW – The Russian space organization Roscosmos, patented the concept of a self-degrading satellite, the ‘kamikaze’, basing on a report accessible within the data bank of the Federal Property Services.

The equipment will self-destruct ‘vaporizing’ right into space shortly after getting the corresponding order directly from Earth at the end of its own invaluable lifespan or perhaps in case of a malfunction that made it defective or possibly inoperative.

Lower Earth orbit satellites … The beginning of a brand-new space race.

This particular variety of satellites will be produced using components with the ability to transform from the solid to the gaseous form without undergoing a liquefied period, a procedure referred to as sublimation.

As alternatives for self-destruction, the writers of the patent of invention suggest that the self-degrading building material be protected with a defensive film which may be cleared away down the road, or perhaps that the satellite elements self-heat to the melting point.

Roscosmos made an application for the patent of invention certification during 2017.

The goal is to decrease space contamination.

In a seminar on space fragments hosted during April, the Russian organization cautioned of dangers of accidents because of the number of satellites orbiting our planet.

Russia’s space management has already cataloged 13,000 items around our earth: 7,000 pieces over twenty centimeters in lower paths or orbit (160 to 2,000 kilometers high) and also 6,000 having 20 and 40 centimeters in diameter within our higher orbit (2,000 to 2,000 – and 50,000 kilometers high).

The “space rubbish concern is actually a side-effect of our recurring usage of space, and unless our experts do something very soon, the situation is simply going to get a whole lot worse.” Scientists have said.

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