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Rulers of the World we Live in

A considerable number of people are aware that the rulers of the world we live in are not really the ones who manage the threads of politics and economics, both nationally and internationally.

This has led many to seek the truth in current publications, bulletins directed by those who, like me, have tried – not always successfully – to discover the cause of the incurable ailment afflicting the United States.

Our research has not been crowned by success on all occasions. 

But we have found out that humanity walks in darkness, and for the most part it does not care about the fate that awaits its country, or it does not bother to inquire into it.

The broader sector of the population has been manipulated to react in this way,

We often hear saying: “They are doing this” or “They are doing that”.

 Those who do these things are capable of committing the greatest barbarities with impunity. Increase taxes or send our children to die in wars that do not report any benefit to our country.

They are invisible characters that escape our reach, nebulous to despair when we want to demand them. No one can clearly identify who they are treated.

This state of affairs has remained that way for decades.

Throughout this article, we will identify those mysterious characters. From there, it will be up to the public to correct the situation in which they find themselves.

The Club of the 300 is the best of the secret societies

It is composed of an untouchable ruling class to which the Queen of England, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the various European royal families belong.

At the death of Queen Victoria, these aristocrats came to the conclusion that the only way to become masters of the world was to associate with powerful magnates of international industry, who did not belong to their lineage.

In this way, they gained access to the maximum power those whom the Queen of England likes to call commoners.

Since I worked in the intelligence service I know that the foreign heads of state know such a powerful horde by the name “magicians”. Stalin coined a personal expression to describe them: the tenebrous forces. And President Eisenhower, who never managed to rise above the grade of hofjude (Jew from the atrium), called it – staying capital short – “the military and industrial apparatus”.

Who are the conspirators who make up the all-powerful Club of 300? 

The best-informed citizens are aware that there is a conspiracy, which is presented under a variety of names, including the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Round Table, and the Milner group.

The trouble is that it is extremely difficult to find reliable information about the activities of those who make up the invisible government.

In order to get an idea of the enormous scope of the conspiracy to which we refer, it would be good to enumerate at this moment some of the objectives set by the Club of the 300 with a view to its conquest and domination of the world.

It is necessary to clearly understand the reasons why nuclear energy is so detested in most countries, and why the false environmental movement – created and paid for by the Club of Rome – was asked to declare war on that energy source.

Generating cheap and abundant electric power from nuclear reactors, the developing countries would gradually become independent of US foreign aid and could consolidate their sovereignty.

The lower the external assistance, the smaller the control of the natural resources of the various countries by the IMF.

The idea of developing nations governing their own destiny was anathema to the club of Rome and its Club of the 300 that runs the world.

We have seen the opposition to nuclear energy used successfully to block progress, in accordance with the Club’s plans for zero growth in the post-industrial era.

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