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South Korean leader arrives in Pyongyang for the Third summit with Kim Jong-un

Southern Korean head of state Moon Jae-in has shown up inside Pyongyang Tuesday in order to conduct yet another meeting with Northern Korean head Kim Jong-un.

The South Korean president has arrived at 09.50 standard time to the Sunan International Flight Terminal of Pyongyang, capital for Northern Korea, as reported with Southern Korean news source,  Yonhap.

A delegation made up of 110 individuals, consisting of standout business innovators, go along with the South Korean head on his journey.

Additionally, a group of around 90 Southern Korean representatives turned up within Pyongyang earlier Sunday.

This particular conference is the 3rd among Moon and also Kim during 2018 so far.

The 2 countries officially carry on with the war a sthese meetings continue.,

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