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Putin Warns Trump Against Deploying Missiles In Europe

RUSSIA – Vladimir Putin the Russian President strongly warns Trump against deploying missiles in Europe, Putin has cautioned the United States that “Russia will certainly retaliate by deploying brand new weapons of their own”, capable of reaching their targets very quickly.

When Middle East Headlines news team asked about what specific weapons Moscow might deploy?, they refused to comment, however, it is very clear the tensions have intensified between Washington and the Kremlin.

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President in his speech at the state of the nations address said that the United States of “America has abandoned the arms control agreement” to free its hands to build up new missiles and “trying to shift blame to Russia”.

Mr. Putin went on to say: “our American partners should have honestly and openly said it instead of making unfounded accusations against Russia in order to justify its pullout from the treaty.

The United States of America continually accused Russia of breaking or breaching it’s “1987 intermediate-range nuclear treaty” by deploying cruise missiles that “violate its agreed guidelines”, the Putin administration has continually rejected these accusations.

Cruise missiles having the capacity or range of up to 5,500 km have been banned within the INF treaty.

The INF Treaty prohibited all U.S. and Soviet missiles with ranges between 500 and 5,500 kilometers. The official figures above show missiles deployed November 1, 1987, shortly before the INF Treaty was signed. The treaty also required destruction of 430 U.S. missiles and 979 Soviet missiles which were in storage or otherwise not deployed. The treaty prevented the planned deployment of an additional 208 GLCMs in the Netherlands, Britain, Belgium, Germany, and Italy. The Pershing IAs, under joint U.S.-German control, were not formally covered by the INF Treaty but were also to be eliminated by U.S. and West German agreement.
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These type of missiles compared to intercontinental ballistic missiles take much less time to reach their targets.

These type of missiles would be very detrimental to any countries decision-makers in the event of a planetary nuclear conflict over false flag launching of these weapons.

Mr. Putin has also confirmed that his administration or the “Russian military will never deploy these type of missiles”, however firmly cautioned the United States military leaders with a “Swift retaliation” in the event that the US Military places these type of weapons in Europe.

Mr. Putin said ” these type of weapons will only take 10 to 12 minutes to reach Moscow”, he also added that “this is a very serious threat to us and that we will have to respond”.

President Putin never specified what weapons, however, he did report that quick progress of “new weapons are being undertaken and developed this year”.

Putin confirmed the first shipment of “Avangard hypersonic type vehicles” that are going to be finished this year, he also went on to say that the development of this particular military-style vehicle is more than capable of traveling 27 times quicker than the speed of sound and as such is a technological achievement when compared to its 1957 satellite launch.

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Mr. Putin administration has confirmed that testing of these new Intercontinental ballistic missiles along with the nuclear-powered missiles and Poseidon powered nuclear underwater missiles or better known as drones are “progressing very fast and with tremendous success”

Mr. Putin also added that these missiles will be carried by submarines that will be commissioned later on in the year.

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American officials were urged by President Putin to consider and take into account the “speed and range of those prospective weapons” prior to making any decisions which might threaten Russia.

“We are only asking about one thing”, he said, “do the count first before making decisions that could create new serious threats against our country and will trigger retaliatory measures”.

After making these announcements Vladimir Putin also stated that “Russia still wishes to have friendly relationships with the Trump administration as well as Washington” and is always open for “Arms control talks“.

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