Protesting ‘Anti Women’ policies of Donald Trump

Hundreds of men and women have taken to the streets in Chicago protesting ‘Anti Women’ policies of Donald Trump.

With the enormous march arranged Saturday, under the motto “Let’s go to the polls” the protesters, so as to expose the anti-feminist protocol of the commander in chief, Donald Trump,  attempted to shift  the tide before the legislative political elections coming up in November.

Within this framework, various organizations and associations set up positions in the middle of the metropolitan area of Chicago, in the state of Illinois, so as to draw in voters.

While inside the audience or crowd, was a huge balloon hovering airborne that stood for a baby with physical attributes of Trump.

The Republican politician was additionally exemplified as the “devil” in a high-flying flag and the protesters shouted catchphrases like “Vote Blue” (the color that identifies the Democrats), “Vote, your life depends on it!“.

“We want to encourage women to vote,” claimed Jessica Schiller, head of “Women’s March Chicago,” planner of the event, talking to Middle East News Headlines.

Trump’s move to designate Judge Brentt Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court of Law, in spite of allegations of sexual abuse dangling over him, has actually raised women’s outrage, Schiller included.

Critics profess that the confirmation of a judge such as Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court not only implies a discrepancy in the symmetry of liberal & conservative power levels, but even implies that impunity, bureaucratic power as well as economical power can do every thing or anything they want.

Impunity which likewise enjoys the commander in chief himself.

Trump, who is likewise implicated of sexually violating dozens of females.

Thus, a number of individuals claim that among Trump – Kavanaugh, there is very little distinction.

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