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In an age where technology persists and is slowly taking over the world, even the quickest job is said to be covered by the convenience of science and technology. 

The same goes for marketing as well as books.

Marketing has since become even easier, and you can reach a lot of customers in a short period of time. We can say, that the whole experience of reading has done a 360-degree turn in today’s world. However, it is safe to say that paper-based books can never be replaced. They are almost invaluable, what attracts the avid readers or customers is the good binding of the books in a stiff paste, the pages and the printing as a whole is also what compels people to prefer paper-based books over other e-book formats, sources revealed

Everybody loves a neatly bound book in their hands from time to time. This becomes more evident when it comes to the field of magazine publishing, self-publishing or any other businesses who regularly issue some printed materials.

Be it the latest mystery bestseller, or the fashion magazine that just came out with its latest issue, when it comes to the quality of the books no one wants to compromise on quality that it possesses. And what’s more, if people are awarded quality plus the amount being covered in their set budgets? Moreover, who can print a large number of books as well as keeping the consistency of exceptional quality? Such a firm would be Printsquare, who according to many satisfied clients and partners say “they accomplish just that.” Past clients have said that they “specialize in printing of high-quality books, ranging from publishing books, magazines, catalogs, art books, as well as hardcover books. I have been working with them for my series books for several years. All my clients have loved their quality.” In addition to this, she mentioned “Printsquare-Easy online printing has a calculating system that they have created and developed. The programming is exceptional and I have never seen any other companies do that. I was able to play with specifications and have quotes instantly.”

Given the hectic work schedule and busy lifestyle folks these days, sometimes, it is hard to just wait for printing book quote for a day or more. PRINTSQUARE is different. Their IT team has been developed a calculating system which is unique in the printing field. They are already known for this and this is showing how much they are technically developed.

When it comes to books, quality is the top priority for everyone. No one likes a skimpy book with a hardcover that is barely able to keep up with it. Poor binding can be your worst enemy. Customers and buyers need the value for their money so that they can feel the product is worth their money. For this, you will need to look for a worthy printing service that will get your job done in a matter of hours.

Binding too holds as much importance as printing does in the making of a book. Therefore, Printsquare takes special care in delivering the perfect and sophisticating binding for your books. You can get an instant quote of the hardcover books and even edit the inside of the pages with versatility, they provide you with a variety of options to choose from so your book’s condition as well as appearance is enhanced and beautified. Past and present customers have said that “even though we ordered a large number of copies, the quality was consistently nice and exceptionalAlso known to use eco- friendly methods of production as well as implement the use of FSC- certified paper as well as ink which are friendly to the environment.

They have acquired an experience of almost a decade after having printed 269,700,000 copies in tenure of working.

In case of a custom-sized book, they also have an “accurate and unique calculating system” so that the client can have an instant quote with the weight of their order and the spine size as required.

The staff at Printsquare have said that “Canadian and US customers can take benefit of specialized printing services in their respective locations. In addition to this, “we also have an upcoming plan to make printing businesses convenient all around the world with our technical strength, starting from the United States.”

  • PRINTSQUARE is a printing company based in South Korea but most of the clients are in the States and world-widely located. Their printing quality is exceptionally high and their pricing is significantly affordable. They have great printing facility for high-end printing, magazine printing, catalog printing, art book, art portfolio book, comic book and etc.

  • They have uniquely developed printing quote calculating system, so it was able to have a quote instantly. Also, clients have received estimated turnaround dates for production and shipping instantly as well. Even though for the custom-sized book and for the extra works such as spot UV coating, foil stamping, die-cut or embossing, it is able for the clients to have the accurate quote right away. Even, when clients add a subscription card, clients can be quoted at once.

  • Also, clients can have spine size immediately according to the specification of their order and this helps clients to prepare their files without any delay.

  • The paper stock of PRTINSQUARE is various compared to the other printing company. They have gloss, matte, Hi-Plus, Hi-Q matte, Hi-Q Mystic, Uncoated, Premium. New Plus, Textbook and etc. The quality of all papers is exceptional even if they are compared to the German paper.

  • Exceptional quality and affordable price.

  • Even though the head office and the printing facility are all located in South Korea, they have been great with delivery. Air express takes 2~3 days to be delivered to the client, air express takes 5~6 days to be delivered and the ocean takes 18 ~26 days to be delivered but the price is affordable. Also, PRINTSQUARE takes charge of all the custom work for the client. If the clients need their works by certain dates and this has been noticed in prior to the production stage and let them know the exact date and time, they will deliver them on time without any problem. Thus, if you are planning to have an exhibition or any kind of fairs, they would deliver it on time. Also, you can set a destination wherever you want.

  • They also have a Direct Mailing service. Thus, if the clients have their clients, printsquare also operate direct mailing service for each book/magazine/catalog/etc to them directly.

  • When it comes to the hardcover bookbinding, PRINTSQUARE also has a unique calculating system which can calculate quote accurately and clients can have it right away with their desired specifications. The greatest merit of their hardcover book is the quality is high-end and exceptional while the pricing is very affordable.

  • They have saddle stitch, perfect binding, hardcover binding, wire binding as their binding option. Also, their binding is significantly high-qualified and exceptionally solid.

  • They also have guide files for the layout of the hardcover book, saddle stitch, perfect binding, wire binding so that clients can easily prepare their files. In addition to this, customer service workers are keeping in touch with the client and let them know if there is anything needs to be revised prior to the production. Thus, clients have been highly satisfied with their services.

  • When the clients have a sophisticated specification for their work, clients can request a custom quote. It would take less than 48 hours for them to receive the actual quote.

  • The more you print the cheaper you can print yours. Especially for the large quantity orders, PRINTSQUARE would be perfect. Since they are great with the consistency of the quality, clients would be able to receive high qualified printouts with reasonable price even though it is a large quantity order.

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