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Prince Philip Driving Without Seatbelt

LONDON – Prince Philip has been talked to by law enforcement with regard to Driving without Seatbelt – merely a couple of days after the 97-year-old survived an auto accident.

Pictures released Sunday (Jan 20th, 2019) showed Queen Elizabeth II’s hubby behind the steering wheel of a substitute four-wheel drive vehicle.

The Duke of Edinburgh was seen by many driving the brand-new Land Rover Freelander at his wife’s exclusive Sandringham estate Saturday.

A Norfolk Military police spokesperson pointed out the police knew about the photos and said that “appropriate words of recommendations have been offered to the vehicle driver”.

The spokesperson stated: “This is actually in line with our basic reaction whenever being made aware of these type of pictures revealing this specific kind of offense.”

At the same time, a female that shattered her hand within Thursday’s accident close to the imperial country home inside Norfolk, far eastern England, has apparently made a complaint regarding “never getting an apology directly from the Royal Prince.

” I’m fortunate to be alive and he has not even said sorry. It has been such a stressful & painful period of time for me,  and I would have counted on a lot more of the Royal Family Members,” Emma Fairweather, a passenger inside the Kia that clashed with the Royal Prince’s Land Rover, told the Sunday Mirror.

An intermediary police officer, nevertheless, did contact us to convey a message to Emma, who was inside the automobile with a good friend and a nine-month-old child, she mentioned.

” The message he relayed really did not even make good sense. He said, ‘The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh would like to be remembered to you.’ That’s not an apology or even a well-wish,” she added.

The accident, that left the Prince’s Land Rover on its side, occurred as the imperial patriarch took off out of a side street and into a very busy roadway.

The monarch was rattled, however, uninjured, basing on a passer-by that assisted him away from the car.

The operator of the Kia suffered cuts to the leg.

On Friday, Norfolk Police pointed said: “As is the standard operating procedure with accidents, the occurrence will be checked further and any type of necessary action will be taken.”

Prince Philip, recognized for his sincere style and even off-color one-liners, retired out of public daily life during 2017, also went through a hip replacement procedure last April.


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