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President trump’s state of the union is on Tuesday, what to expect

The President will deliver his State of the Union address coming up this week on Tuesday. This, after house speaker Nancy Pelosi offered for Trump to deliver his speech in late January but the event was postponed due to the partial government shutdown.

The President says in a letter that giving the speech would be his “great honor to accept.”

This State of the Union address is scheduled for 9 p.m. eastern time this Tuesday.

Trump is expected to go over several of the nation’s weaknesses including border security, as of right now the President still does not have the funds for his proposed border wall.

The address will hit on five subject topics says an administration official.

News outlets report that the White House will not directly provide an agenda for what exactly is being covered on Tuesday.

Local and national media outlets will be there covering the event on television as well as online, providing viewers an update.

The White House says they will “not discuss the speechwriting process”.

Officials say Trump will be busy this week getting ready and edits to the speech could be made minutes before the speech.

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The speech on Tuesday will be Trump’s second formal speech for a State of the Union address, he gave an address to Congress in 2017, but it was not marked as a State of the Union address.

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