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President Trump Under Pressure to Accept Wall Agreement

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump under pressure coming from his own governing party and is leaning to accept an agreement that would prevent yet another government closure, however, the agreement will only provide a small fraction of the cash Donald Trump was asking for in regards to building this Mexican wall.

On Tuesday Mr. Trump said that he would need a little more time to study the offer,  however, he did confirm that he was not anticipating a government shutdown this coming weekend as the funds for running the government will be running out.

It was understood by those present that Mr. Trump is still signaling that his objective is to scrounge up money for this wall by possibly rating or tapping into various other Federal sources so as to keep his promise made while he was campaigning for office.

President Trump said “I can’t say I’m happy, I can’t say I’m thrilled”, however “this wall will be built, regardless”.

President Trump went to his faithful Twitter account and thanked on Tuesday evening the Republicans for their “efforts and work they have done in dealing with a radical left regarding border security”.

The president has constantly insisted on getting 5.7 billion dollars for this Mexican wall, claiming that “this construction project is Paramount for United States national security”.

Yet Mr. Trump back in December 2018 turns down a very similar offer that forced this 35-day governmental shutdown leaving hundreds of thousands of federal employees without any money as their paychecks were not issued.

Today, there is very little appetite inside Washington for another repeat closure.

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