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Preacher Suspected of Killing Pregnant Wife

TORONTO – The court started l yesterday afternoon to ponder on the incident regarding a past Toronto priest that was implicated in the death of his expecting wife almost 8 years earlier.

District attorneys declare that Philip Grandine covertly drugged the female constantly so that she would be much less alert or aware of the adulterous undertaking she kept.

The female was discovered lifeless by drowning within a bathtub at the residential property they shared.

This individual was actually founded guilty of involuntary manslaughter in a past rial for this incident, then was found accountable for drugging the women & triggering the incident which killed her.

Mr. Grandine has been condemned to 15 years behind bars.

During the court appeal, his defense lawyer asked the court for a fresh hearing, saying ” it was based on errors regarding the judge that presided over the initial hearing.

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