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Jose Mourinho continuously working to improve his squad

The famous Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho working on Manchester United’s squad to make his side stronger.

He also mentioned that if our team will not improve then it is very difficult to manage their ranking in the premier league. Manchester United defeat Juventus on Wednesday with the score of 2-1.

It was a memorable moment for Mourinho because his team worked on right tactics to beat the Italian champions.

Mourinho already said that “if their opponents achieves their objectives then our united team will never come back”. He already mentioned in many interviews that he is “happy with his team” and he is enjoying the 2018-19 season.

Since 2016 Mourinho worked as the main coach in Manchester United in EPL. If we talk about the EPL betting then it’s hard to find the right one who has good betting skills. There are millions of soccer fans who use EPL wagering.

About the performances

On the 6th of October United scored a win over Newcastle with a 3-2 score. After the two weeks, they scored their first goal against Chelsea and manage to achieve the 2-2 draw.

On Wednesday the goal machine Cristiano Ronaldo put his efforts to manage the Juventus lead Juan Mata and an Alex Sandro’s own goal put the Manchester team back in action. It was the first time when Ronaldo scored his first goal against United with Juventus. After the successful win over Juventus Mourinho gave his statement that he has the “hard-working team which never gives up in any situation”.

He said he is proud to say that his “team works on right tactics to fight back”.

According to him, his team is growing up not only in their approach but in their compactness as well. As you already know that Juan Mata was the man of the match against Juventus. So that was a memorable moment for united fans because it is very difficult to defeat a big team like Juventus. The Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku missed the Bournemouth and Juventus games due to the injury. He is training with other team members said, Mourinho. If all the things going well we will see him in the upcoming matches.

Last year Manchester United was able to secure the second position and this year they are struggling in 7th.

Jose Mourinho was cautious when the media asked about the toe-to-toe game against Manchester City. Mourinho said that he “will try but he was not sure about his success”. United played well in their previous matches against Chelsea and Juventus and able to get good results from these. They already have good results as well as better performances. Along with it the attitude of the whole team is at the peak.

“So hopefully we will see great matches in the upcoming days.” he said.

The relation between Mourinho and Guardiola

Jose Mourinho and Manchester City’s coach Guardiola already worked at Barcelona with various designations. Due to the management, their relationships have become a little bit strained. But recently Guardiola said that they are very good guys and they are also close to each other. He also said that if they undermine us then it will not a big issue.

They continue working hard to get good results. He also mentioned that they will be “punished if they did something wrong.”

But he trusts his club,  “Guardiola ‘s city will be again champions if they work on their plans properly and use the right tactics”. Because he knows very well how this season is crucial for them.


Article contributed by: Sherry Roberts

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