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The Pope compared Trump to King Herod who attempted to kill Jesus

Yes , It’s true – The Pope compared Trump to King Herod, who massacred innocent kids in ancient Palestine while trying to eliminate child Jesus, according to a Jesuit journal.

The Pope likewise spoke about the increase of populism and stated that it is at the root of the migrant issues in Europe.

Francis apparently knocked Trump and his administration in his thinly-veiled condemnation, painting Trump, like a modern-day Herod, was separating households at the border while permitting drugs to easily stream into the nation.

Pope Francis goes to the Saint Louis Hospital on November 21st, 2019, in Bangkok, Thailand. Pope Francis arrived in Bangkok the other day to start a three-day trip in Thailand followed by Japan.

” In other parts, there are walls meant to keep separated kids from parents. Herod enters your mind,” Francis stated. “Yet for drugs, there’s no wall to keep them out. The phenomenon of migration is intensified by war, hungry people and a ‘protective state of mind,’ which makes us think that you can protect yourself just by enhancing borders. At the exact same time, there is exploitation.”.

The pope, throughout a concern and response session, likewise spoke about the increase of populism and stated that it is at the root of migrants’ issues in Europe.

” I need to confess that I am surprised by a few of the stories I hear in Europe about borders,” the pope stated. “Populism is getting strength. The phenomenon of refugees has always existed, however today it is much better understood due to social distinctions, hunger, political stress, and specifically war. For these factors, migratory motions are magnifying.”.

” What response does the world provide? The policy of waste,” he stated, including that refugees are thought about as waste products in today’s society. The pontiff likewise highlighted the value of inviting an immigrant and referred to the Christian teachings.

” Refugees are waste products. The Mediterranean has actually been developed into a cemetery. The well-known ruthlessness of some detention centers in Libya touches my heart. The Christian custom has abundant evangelical experience in handling the issue of refugees. We likewise keep in mind the value of inviting the immigrant as the Old Testament teaches us,” the Pope included.

After the Pope compared Trump to King Herod he goes to the Saint Louis Hospital on November 21st, 2019.

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