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Poland Pulls Out From Israeli European Summit

POLAND, WARSAW – The prime minister of Poland has canceled any plans for his country’s participation in the Israeli European Summit, he has canceled his delegation to meet within Jerusalem Monday following accusations from Israeli acting foreign minister who stated: “Poland collaborated with the Nazis” and also that they “sucked anti-Semitism with their mother’s milk”.

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These comments triggered the Polish Representatives to pull out from this Summit, causing a collapse with scheduled meetings with Israeli PM Nathan Yahoo and other central European nations refer to as the “Visegrad group”.

However, bilateral meetings will continue instead, since the Hungarian prime minister and Slavic Prime ministers are already within Israel.

Before these meetings Prime Minister Netanyahu taunted them as “extremely important step”s to achieve his outreach to nations of Central Europe, countering current “criticism of Israel” that is typical within international forums.

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This bitter conflict between Israel and Poland has marked a brand new low of remembering polish actions towards Jews, and of course of the German occupation inside Poland during world war II.

The Prime Minister from Poland announces on Sunday that he had “every intention to pull out from this meeting” after the Israeli comments made a week ago regarding the Nazis and the Polish people.

The Polish government has proclaimed the statements as “racist and absolutely unacceptable”.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu Representatives claimed that “this comment was misquoted”.

The Polish government on Friday confirmed that it was not even close to being satisfied with explanations from the Israel leaders.

Furthermore, the acting Israeli Foreign Minister Mr. Israel Katz made a comment in an interview Sunday ” I am the son of Holocaust survivors” Mr.Katz commented “the memory of the Holocaust is not something to compromise about, it is obvious. We will not forget, and we will not forgive”.

Shortly after this individual promised and vowed that “nobody would change the historical truth of what actually happened”.

He went on to say that “the Polish people collaborated with the Nazis, definitely”. He said that his father was killed by the Polish government, he also claimed that from his point of view they did suck antisemitism from their mother’s milk you can’t sugarcoat this history” he added.

According to historical records, however, Poland was actually the first occupation of Hitler’s regime and “by no means had any kind of collaborationist government”.

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Historical records also confirm the Polish resistance fighters, as well as many government members, were in exile struggling daily to warn the international community “regarding those mass murders of Jewish people” not to mention thousands upon thousands of “Polish lives that were lost in helping the Jewish people”.

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