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PLO Slams Bolsonaro’s Palestinian visit for including Jerusalem

The PLO considers this “completely inappropriate” with regard to the leader of Brazil to include Jerusalem, as part of his trip to the occupied Palestinian territories.

Eastern Jerusalem is actually an occupied Palestinian territory,” Hanan Ashrawi, a registered member of the Exec Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), claimed Saturday.

The activists disapproved that the Brazilian leader, Jair Bolsonaro, structures his tour to the Holy city inhabited by the Israeli government, and also highlighted that the Palestinians are without a doubt “the offsprings out of the oldest Christian heritage”, which goes back 2000 yrs of history.

Bolsonaro turned up within Tel Aviv Sunday in order to reinforce the connections with Israeli Leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who intends to stay in power soon after the political elections on April 9th.

Basing on multimedia, the concern of the transfer regarding the Brazilian consular office from Tel Aviv to Al-Quds, will likely be the main focus of the three-day trip of the Brazilian head.

He has indicated just before his journey, that he will likely take that option – because of the conceivable response coming from the Arab nations. – however, has revealed that he might be opening a “business office” within the occupied Palestinian city.

Ashrawi informed Middle East headlines News organization, that he is really “worried about the conceivable move of the Brazilian consular office” and even added that the Palestinian powers have never gotten any special offer to meet with Bolsonaro. “Palestine has a diplomatic connection with Brazil, still, there is no schedule or even decision for the Brazilian federal government to go to that area,” pointed out the Palestinian head.

This person likewise cautioned that the Brazilian leader must not follow in the footprints of Commander in chief Donald Trump, who revealed in late 2017 that the United States acknowledges Al-Quds as the capital of Israel, in spite of it being rejected by the worldwide community.

The country of Brazil does not necessarily formally acknowledge Israeli sovereignty over Al-Quds or the West Bank.

Palestinian zones were inhabited ever since the 1967 Six-Day Battle.

Nevertheless, Bolsonaro has consistently acknowledged that he views Israel as a benchmark, and also has not concealed his adoration with regard to the protocols of Netanyahu, who interchangeably attended 3 months ago, the investiture ceremony of the Brazilian right-wing leader.

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