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Pet originality is one of the values ​​of our time. It is something evident, as well as paradoxical; In a world in which we resemble each other (we eat the same, we see the same programs, we think the same, we live the same), each of us anxiously seeks to differentiate ourselves in some way from others.  

Many times, a pet offers us that possibility to distinguish ourselves.

Thus, we all know someone who has a rat or a monkey, a boa or a scorpion, Vietnamese pigs, anthills terrariums or ferrets are vulgar. 

We are no longer surprised to see on the TV people with bears, kangaroos, lions, bats, raccoons, octopus as pets, although it is true that in many cases it has reached this point in a fortuitous way.

This post is not to cover the latest oddities that have appeared on the Internet (although I confess that was the original idea), or to applaud the exotic acquisitions of some. 

It is to remember that, when you acquire a pet, you acquire at the same time a responsibility for your welfare. 

Normally, the more exotic the animal is, the harder it is to take care of it as needed. 

These difficulties are grouped into three.

Many of the strangest pets are not found in the usual pet stores, and we often turn to the Internet to locate them. 

Although we do not worry about finding exotic species whose sale is highly regulated or even prohibited. To ensure that suppliers of exotic animals have obtained them legally, we must always demand the CITES number.

The so-called exotic animals are usually wild animals, and are not prepared to be domestic animals. 

They require very special care and environments that we almost always do not know about.

It is perfectly legitimate to want to differentiate yourself from the world through a unique pet. 

But sometimes we act frivolously without thinking about the welfare of the animals, favoring illegal smuggling and harmful situations for all. 

When we get tired or we are overcome by the circumstances we abandon them, creating dangerous ecological imbalances. 

Therefore, learn well about the characteristics and needs of this strange pet. 

Think of them before you.

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