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Pet hotels, a bittersweet solution

In our overdeveloped western and com-modified world, we can find solutions for almost everything, luxury helps to cover up guilt, welcome to pet hotels.

Vacations are often hindered by the presence of a pet, some say.

It should be noted that, more and more frequently, all types of establishments accept the presence of dogs, cats and other well-behaved pets. 

I Declare War on Dog poop

However, there are places that do not accept them, and due to high costs of taking our pets with us soar, we learned about the existence of hotels for pets, where they will take care of them in our absence.

All these Pet Hotels meet the basic needs of food, hygiene, shelter, entertainment and offering decent spaces, really, they can not complain.

There is a wide and competitive range in pet hotels

Others go much further. Most already pick up the pet at home, and its owner can observe it 24 hours a day by webcam. 

The most elite offer cleaning services, hairdressing and manicure, spa, activities, specific training or even therapeutic activities. 

Authentic complexes for high class pets are similar to spas or luxury hotels that their owners love.

Users say that “pets are happy with the service”, none have complained to me so far, not a single claim sheet. ( pardon the joke ). 

Therefore, and without criticizing the services provided by pet hotels, it will always be more desirable to spend our vacations with our pets. 

And if we have to modify our plans according to their needs, most will, as these pets offer much more in return.

Or, at least, we do not think that they would be happier in a luxurious Pet hotel than with their masters.

Yet, it’s always nice to know that we have options such as Pet Hotels,  instead of dumping them on family members that might not be so inclined to take care of them while we enjoy our vacation on some remote beach.

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