Paving A Way For A Green Future With Google: Data Center In Denmark

We live in a day and age where everyone around the world is trying their best to conserve resources or make do with the existing ones. And Google is on its way to make the green future a reality. In the country of Denmark, a haven for contributing to large amounts of wind energy as well as solar power, Google is now making a green investment by building a data center that is powered by renewable energy.

Google has now released a statement stating that they will invest 450 billion Danish crowns which is approximately 690 billion dollars in building a data center in Fredericia, located in Western Denmark. And the construction of this particular piece of technology should be completed by the year end of 2021. The Fredericia data center will be the fifth in Europe following the energy efficient ones that are based in Finland, Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. This particular data center, upon its completion, can employ 150 to 200 people by the year 2021.

Out of all the data centers in this country, the Fredericia data center will be the one which is the most efficient. Not only that, Google is now looking into making investments or power purchase agreements (PPAs) into the country’s renewable source of energy as well as evaluating both the onshore and offshore projects involving wind and solar energy.

Not only in Denmark even in Finland Google has also said that they have signed a 10-year deal in which they would buy renewable energy from three of their newly built wind farms which will power one of their data centers.

Google has also bought an additional plot in Denmark. Apart from this alphabet Inc subsidiary, Apple and Facebook also have bought plots in the country of Denmark to construct planned data centers.

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