Pakistan’s remote satellite is now working

Pakistan’s remote satellite PRSS-1 has actually begun operating in space Tuesday.

Pakistan scientific team got control regarding the satellite today that was released thirty days ago out of China.

Leader Mamnoon Hussain and Nasirul Mulk applauded the developers as well as scientists from SUPRCO in accomplishing this specific milestone.

With their messages, these individuals pointed out the milestone has been attained on Independence Day.

These professionals mentioned that the launching of the satellite which now became operational, will definitely boost self-confidence for the space designers.

These people explained the the satellite is going to take on an essential function on socio-economic advancement for the nation.

This merits an acknowledgement here that the satellites PSSR-I and also PakTES-1A were prepped within Pakistan and only released out of China on the 9th of last month.

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