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Pakistan will sustain its security connections with the US

PAKISTAN – Leader Mahmoud Abbas verified the other day that the PA will definitely keep its security connections with the USA.

The pledge comes in spite of the latest termination of the United States Dept aid to PA safety and security forces.

The latest United States regulations will make the PA susceptible to legal actions over supposed terrorism connections should it go on to get American support.

“We still have a relationship with the [American] security services so as to combat terrorism around the world,” Abbas pointed out within an interview with Sputnik, the Russian state-operated news website.

Security help to the tune of $61 million dollars annually was the final number reached from past United States assistance for the PA, following a tranche of decreases through the Trump government.

The PA keeps close “security synchronization” along with the Israeli occupation powers.

Abbas renewed this particular policy the other day, “informing a gathering of Palestinian and even Israeli activists that the West Bank authorities have a ‘mutual arrangement to combat terrorism’ together with Israel and also ‘will not violate it’– because in case it does, ‘nothing will remain'”, the Times of Israel stated.

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