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Noncombatants leave Idlib in northwest Syria

Private citizens, consisting of women and young children, left the district of Idlib in northwest Syria via a humanitarian passage opened up Tuesday in Damascus and Moscow.

By way of this passage, that will stay open for 7 days, the noncombatants – that resided under the regulation and control of combatants  or terrorists, and even fanatics – went back to the locations regulated or controlled exclusively by the Syrian federal government.

“There was literally no security there, nevertheless I’m safe here. Thank God, we managed to get there, “mentioned an adult male that appeared relieved to have moved across into the locations handled by government.

Shortly after gaining back control of the southerly & central locations of Syria, the Syrian Military has currently concentrated its full attention on Idlib.

Looked at it as the final great stronghold for the revolutionaries, in which these folks prepare to kick off an anti-terrorist act which is going to more than likely be one of the hardest, due to the higher concentration of armed factors.

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