Nokia Revamps its Management To Focus on 5G Market

Nokia mobile networks head, which is its largest business unit, is planning to leave the Finnish company as a part of the changes which are being designed with the aim of positioning the company for a 5G telecoms era. This was announced by Nokia themselves, on Thursday.

Nokia’s head of mobile networks, Marc Rouanne will be replaced by Tommi Uitto, who is described by the company as an “expert in radio technologies“.

Rouanne is a Frenchman and the second senior executive who left Nokia after Ilkka Rahnasto, who was the head of its patent business resigned during last month beginning.

Nokia plans to merge their mobile networks and fixed networks business groups into an entirely new unit which will be known as Access Networks and it will have a president, who hasn’t been named as of now,

Mobile networks account for about 30 percent of Nokia’s revenue. Under Rouanne, Nokia had been in charge of developing and selling new 5G technologies and few investors had also started to invest in this idea. Chief Executive Rajeev Suri, during a statement, said thus- “By creating a single Access Networks organization that includes both fixed and mobile, we aim to improve our customer focus, simplify our management structure, and efficiently leverage our full portfolio in a much better manner”.

Tommi Uitto has been leading the mobile networks product sales after Nokia acquired its Franco-American rival Alcatel-Lucent in 2016 for a whopping EUR 15.6 billion.

Rouanne joined Nokia from Alcatel-Lucent back in 2008 and during that time, the company’s share price was down by about 1.7 percent at 0910 GMT.

Just last month, Nokia launched a new cost-cutting programme and gained a good amount of profit forecast, saying operators’ demand for 5G networks will help gather pace in the remainder of the year.

The networks industry is dominated by Nokia, Ericsson, and China’s Huawei and this has been battered the slowing demand for existing 4G networks and investor doubting whether the benefits from 5G contracts will actually show up and if they do when it would happen.

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