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No Plans to Shutdown Hangouts for Consumers – Confirms Google’s Product Lead

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After the rumored leads of yesterday by 9to5Google that tech giant Google has been planning to hut down its Hangouts by 2020; Scott Johnson – Google Hangouts product lead has issued a statement on Twitter denying plans for a shutdown of the service by 2020, though he does also confirm that the service will end for consumers. The previous report stormed by several tech publications was based on the sources familiar with Hangouts future roadmap. Mr. Johnson state that there is no definite date for when the service is going to be shut down.

Google Hangout is the instant messaging service that replace the original GChat service of Google, and has been a part of both consumer and enterprise version of the Gmail. As for the exact words from Mr Johnson on Twitter, “I run Hangouts and this is pretty shoddy reporting. No decisions made about when Hangouts will be shut down. Hangouts users will be upgraded to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Your source is severely misinformed. You can do better.”

Meanwhile, 9to5Google tech report has updated its report post Mr. Johnson’s tweet pointing out that Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat are part of the enterprise offering from Google. Their report has talked about the classic or consumer version of the cat app, and the tweet does confirm it will be shutting down. To which Johnson replied t his original tweet in a series of post saying, “The frustrating part about your reporting is it leaves the reader to jump to dramatic conclusions, because it is only half the story. Hangouts users will be migrated to Chat and Meet.”

When it comes to messaging, Google’s Hangout doesn’t have a cement background, but the app is still favorite for many due to its convenient uses and user-friendly UI.

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