Newest Technology in The World

Technology has been the crutch easing our existence in the face of ever-present challenges. As a rule, the Newest Technology in The World is mostly aimed towards providing solutions to existing problems.

With new technology emerging every day, it is hard to pin down the most useful. However, by considering the most pressing issues that affect most people, here is a list of the best newest technology in the world based on their global, communal and individual potential.

  1. Zero Carbon Natural Gas

Carbon emissions are the major cause of the greenhouse effect. Sadly, most emissions are a by-product of industries that make the necessary item and also as a result of energy production. Zero carbon natural gas is a new approach to how energy is derived from natural gas with respect to reducing the carbon footprint. There are two ways this can be done. In the first variant, energy is derived from natural gas without burning it. Here the by-products are water and almost pure carbon. In the second variation, the natural gas is burned but the carbon is trapped, collected and converted into supercritical carbon which is used to drive a custom turbine. This supercritical carbon is self-sustaining.

The extra unused carbon can then be used by manufacturers that use carbon as a raw material.

  1. Sensing City

Sensing cities are a new advancement of smart cities that mainly consist of neighborhoods that integrate good urban planning and digital technology. The city is designed with numerous sensors that gather data through the principals of IoT. Data collected includes; air quality, noise levels, and people’s activities. This data is then sent to city servers and used in developing amenities that are indicated to be lacking. Sensing city technology is great for creating and maintaining green cities by making the objectives of a green city attainable.

  1. Genetic Fortune Telling

By studying the genetic make-up of parents, specialists can be able to predict what genetic predispositions their child may have. Scientists can thus predict the chances of one contracting heart disease, cancer, tobacco, and drug addiction. Traits such as intelligence can also be predicted.

This information can be instrumental in making a correct diagnosis. Pharmaceutical companies can also make better drugs by selecting test subjects who are most likely to get the disease.

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