New Smartphones Coming Soon

Initially, New Smartphones were used as a means to communicate but the phones of today have great capabilities. It is common to see new internal and external features every year.

These may include fast processors, quality pictures, and enhanced colors. The utility of smartphones increases with new models and variants showing up in the market and compelling one and a half billion population of the world to buy them each year.

But with cell phones of today, one often questions, if there is any breakthrough technology coming up that, will change the face of the handheld device? Experts take a look at the internal hardware and or feel of the phones in the near future. So, in addition to the wireless technology, what else do we expect to change in these smartphones in the next five years? Let’s take a look.

  1. New Smartphones BATTERIES AND POWER

A lot has been on the cards regarding batteries. This is driven by the expectation for a smartphone battery to deliver more in less physical space. Phones are coming up with non-removable batteries, wireless charging enhancing battery life. There has been a lot going on in this area, and with supercapacitors appearing in the scene, there is a chance that people will witness enhanced battery life.


In the near future, it is expected that physical ports will entirely disappear from the phone. The wireless charging option and variety in the transfer of information the physical ports are no longer required. This feature of no physical ports, no gaps and wires will result in more resistant and less costly cell phones.

  1. New Smartphones ENHANCED SECURITY

Today handsets use two-factor authentication schemes. The real two-factor authentication involves two things; something you know and something you have, which means that still there is no news about mobile DNA scanner, NFC will be a popular choice till then.


Now that mobile devices have become more cloud-centric, and there is no sensitive organizational data stored the Enterprise Mobility Management will in the near future become very basic and benefit from a reduced price.

There are few enhancements in the new smartphones that are nowhere to be seen yet but are expected. This includes the addition of Virtual Reality (VR) and the flick of on-screen windows, but you never know what the future unfolds, especially in this field.

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