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Modern Technology and New Gadgets for 2018

Here are some of the Modern Technologies and New Gadgets for 2018

1. Apple iPad Pro Tablet

Both the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch variants of the Apple iPad Pro are the best full-size tablets available in the market today. They are a good substitute for many laptops.

Each part of the power couple has an ultra-thin metal body, sharp display, high refresh rate, a very powerful graphics and processor chip, and the best of applications in the market. Also available is an optional keyboard cover and an Apple Pencil.

2. Libratone Q ADAPT USB-C Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

These noise-cancelling ear buds are a favorite wired headset that comes with a USB-C connector. It was launched together with the Google Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2 smart phones; they offer impressive build quality, great design, and a well-refined audio signature.

A dedicated button on the remote control can be used to adjust the noise-canceling level of the headset. Libratone provides the Q ADAPT ear buds in either black or white.

3. PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming Console

This device offers 4K gaming without the need of a largely expensive laptop or desktop computer. The PlayStation VR headset is also compatible with the range-topping gaming console built by Sony.

The latest gaming console from Sony can also stream 4K content from Netflix and also upscale video content that is non-4K. The console has good compatibility with all PS4 games.

4. Apple HomePod Smart Speaker

The Apple HomePod brings to the table, superior audio quality than any other smart speaker currently in the market. Available in space Gray or white, the device sound is amazing for its size, and it will amaze you each time you play your favorite music. It is also better at picking up voice commands than its competitors.

Two HomePods can be paired for true stereo sound, and can also use multiple units for a multi-room setup. The speaker performs best with Apple Music. It is important to note that with the Home-pod, using voice commands with Spotify isn’t available.

5. Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Wireless Speaker

This speaker is expensive, but it’s worth the cost. It is gorgeous glass speaker by Sony that will not only give you 360-degree sound with unique quality, but also improves the ambiance of your home via an LED filament light. The light produces a soft glow that mimics a lantern or a candle.

You can control the light and the speaker via a smart phone app –available for both Android and iOS –and also pair with an LSPX-S1 unit for an even more exceptional sonic experience.

6. Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera

This camera is a great device for photographers who want to step up from an advanced shutterbugs or a point-and-shoot snapper searching for a travel companion of a compact nature. Major features of the camera include a tilting touch screen a fast image processor, and a large 24 MP APS-C sensor.

The EOS M100 also offers features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing with mobile devices. It also has a good set of interchangeable lenses. The camera is available in either white or black. New Gadgets for 2018 will continue, stay tuned to this channel for more Brand New Gadgets and High Tech News.

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