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New “Close Friends” Feature Addition to Instagram Will Let Users Share Stories More Discreetly

Facebook Inc operated Instagram announced on Friday that it launched a new feature dubbed “Close Friends” which will allow users to share their stories with a smaller group of people with more discreet. The new feature can be accessed inside the user profile’s side menu, which will enable more than 1 billion users of Instagram to create a smaller group of friends and exclusively share stories within the group.

In a statement to Reuters Instagram mentioned that – “If you are on someone’s close friend list, you will see a green ring around their photo in the stories tray section and a green badge while viewing their stories.” As lately Facebook has been focusing more on Instagram, one of its the fastest-growing revenue generator, the addition of these information safeguards and individual privacy features can help exceptionally to stop misinformation and fake news spreading.

This feature has stated testing in June 2017 in an attempt to reinvent the friend’s list and encourage users to share more by letting them post to a more limited group of their friends and followers list. And nearly after 18 months, Instagram has added this private sharing to its platform. The “Close Friends” feature will be limited to stories tray.

To use this newest feature on Instagram, users need to open up the stories camera and take a photo or video. After finishing the shot, a new green circle with a white star can be noticed. This further needs to be tapped on. Then, the users will be brought to the close friend’s list where they can add people to their inner circle. The suggestions will be based on people you interact with most. Users can add any of their followers to the list using the search box.

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