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New Bug Impacting 52 Million Google Plus Customers

Google declaring that in October, Google Plus will be literally shuttering down. revealed that because of another security defect, the closure would need to happen a lot quicker than initially anticipated.

The internet site is going to close down totally in April, instead of August, and also access to the API system will definitely be cut off within 90 days.

What happened in order to make Google push the so-called panic button?

Well, how about a virus which impacts more than 50 million clients?

Basing on David Thacker,’s VP of product line supervision, “a November software program update consisted of a security bug which likely affected 52.5 million individuals.”

Although the service provider repaired the defect inside a week, Thacker points out “the application designers might have gained access to a plethora of relevant information within those 6 days”.

Google is reaching out to customers affected & will continue to provide devices to people that wish to save or even move their information.

“Anyone who’s performing this might possibly wish to do this quickly,” he said– “It’s unknown when a security virus may occur again” pressing Google to speed up the closure.


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