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Netanyahu to Visit UK PM Boris Johnson in London Tomorrow

The spokesperson for Netanyahu announced that he will be traveling to London Thursday to visit and talk with English PM Boris Johnson, and also United States Self Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Middle East Headlines News reported.

Johnson is really a tough advocate of Israel, having already defined himself as being “an enthusiastic Zionist” and even “a fan of Israel”.

Within a restricted meeting with UK magazine “Jewish News” during July, Johnson tossed around the idea of relocating the English Consular office to Jerusalem, keeping in the steps of United States leader Donald Trump’s December 2017 move.

Johnson claimed he can “see the reasoning” regarding the English federal government going after this kind of regulation, however, included that “the time to play this card is whenever our experts produce additional progression”.

Just last month, Netanyahu spoke with Johnson saying that “it was essential to bring a sturdy standpoint in opposition to Iran“.

These individuals likewise consented to strengthen economical participation along with collaboration for future development.

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