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Netanyahu applauds Israeli air force following careless Xmas assault on Syria

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu complimented the abilities regarding his air force shortly after jets put in danger 2 noncombatant (civilian flights) while performing X-mas attack on ‘Iranian targets’ within Syria.

” We are standing steadfast on our red lines in Syria and everywhere else,” Netanyahu told cadets at a graduation ceremony at Hatzerim Air Force Base, noting that the air force’s unmatched potential allows them to reach areas “near and far, very far.”

While offering the compliments to his nation’s flying forces and arsenals, which can easily demolish any type of target.

Netanyahu did not specifically talk about the most recent attack on Syria.

The individual additionally turned a blind eye to the objections coming from the Russian armed force that previously had implicated the Israeli air force with “intentionally jeopardizing a couple of civilian flights above Damascus” and also “the Lebanese capital of Beirut” in the course of Tuesday evening’s sortie.

Xmas day, 6 Israeli F-16 fighter planes made use of a pair of noncombatant flights as cover, so as to attack a logistics post at the border of Damascus, directly from Lebanese airspace, the Russian defense administrative agency mentioned Wednesday.

Hence, during the course of the attack, the Syrian defense force was compelled to stop the use of its surface to air missiles & radio jamming devices to prevent a conceivable catastrophe regarding the civilian planes and its passengers.

In spite of this advantage, just 2 out of the 16 Israeli-launched laser-guided projectiles got to their targets, injuring 3 individuals, while the remainder were intercepted.

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