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NATO Warships Reach Syrian coastline

NATO Warships from the 2nd NATO Permanent Nation Group (SNMG-2) moved toward the Syrian coasts, reports Interfax.

NATO Warships coming from the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) arriving in a cluster consisting of United States destroyers and even submarines, and the UK just recently positioned themselves in the eastern Mediterranean.

US preparing to attack Syria as NATO Warships arrive on Yemen coastline.

Currently, the Mediterranean region is without a doubt being patrolled by Canadian, Greek as well as Dutch frigates, the last being the mother ship from the NATO naval community, the HNLMS De Ruyter, the Russian news Interfax disclosed on Sunday , citing the surveillance information coming from specialised Western side marine sources.

The atomic submarine HMS Talent from the English Royal Navy, geared up with TEN Tomahawk cruise rockets, had recently been noticed on the Syrian shoreline.

Additionally, the United state of america has positioned 4 destroyers of it’s own, loaded with Tomahawk missiles, and at the very least 3 nuclear submarines, within the far eastern Mediterranean, preparing for a possible assault in the region, sources say.

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