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Most Frequent Faults or Problems With Smartphones

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The technological issues are the main factor why we change our smartphones.

As a matter of fact, although the useful life regarding these gadgets is, typically about 2 years, 50% of individuals point out that because of these troubles they are going to change their mobile phone in less than a year and a half, basing on a survey.

From Certideal, a network devoted to the sale of refurbished and pre-owned technical gadgets, they have discovered the most typical breakdowns and repair work that have affected smartphones during 2018 :

Internal earphone. The internal headset quits working because of dirt that builds up or that has acquired some liquid. In these types of cases, it is best to clean our unit frequently so as to eliminate rubbish that disrupts it, simple, right?.

Batteries. It is typical for the batteries of our devices to generate a lot less power in the long term. Therefore, users occasionally notice that they require even more time to load and, at the same time, download. Certideal suggest that” if we wish to prolong the life of our battery, shut off the phone every now and then and restart it, this will stop the phone charging when the battery is already 100%.”.

Screen. Damaged displays are other issues that most devices endure. To avoid this, start using a protective screen. Another little-known aspect that harms smartphones is the dirt that builds up behind the screen of our phone and affects its performance, so it is recommended to clean the screen often.

Side keys. Typically, these can quit working for 3 reasons: abuse, due to the fact that some fluid has been spilled on our telephone or, it might be due to a software application issue of our cell phone. The remedy to this problem is to restore the system or perhaps switch out the buttons. Having said that, we can also make use of other choices that allow us to manage the phone by means of the touchscreen, ‘Assistive Touch’ of iPhone devices.

Battery charger. One of the very first things that normally stop working in a charger is the charging port.

The constant use & passage of time make this part stop connecting properly, that results in the devices to not load effectively. Other frequent failures are typically in the cable or in the USB port if our charger, the company suggests” do not bend the cables when we store them in the bag or suitcase and do not use the chargers when they have external failures because it can affect the internal charger “.

Certidea said that” 45% of the total repairs and replacements we make in the devices are the battery, 40% screen and another 5% side buttons. While, the other two types of parts: charger and headphones, account for 10% of the arrangements. “.

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