After blockbuster popularity of season 3, fans are anxiously waiting for Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) season 4. Netflix has still not said anything about the resumption of the show, but the inventor of the show Alex Pina said that the narrative of characters is not completed yet.

Hence, the fans expect that season 4 will be launched soon.

Even though the cast of season 4 has not been announced yet, “we hope that all eminent artist will be seen again on the screens.”

Season 3:

It was the most famous show on Netflix in a foreign language. It was the most viewed and most liked series throughout the globe. In this season, you saw that the Professor and Lisbon guided the thieves to rob the bank of Spain and to enter the vault to melt gold and also to reach the Spanish government’s secrets. When Denver came out of the bank with red boxes with them, the conciliators have to fulfill their demand, and they returned Rio securely.

Police shot Nairobi in the chest when Alicia deceived her to stand in the window for witnessing her son for the first time. The professor broke his rule ‘not to kill anyone’ by throwing grenade at the military tank. That last words that viewers heard were, “And this is war.”

What do we expect from Season 4?

The situation is getting unexpected for The Professor. Although the professor always has a second plan, this time, he seems to lose as he broke his rule of not keeping personal relations. He confessed to Lisbon that she was the only whom he had ever loved. Season 4 will possibly show the viewers that to what extent the Professor is ready to go to save Lisbon. As Nairobi was fired, so the thieves’ lives have also been crumpled. Rio cut off from Tokio too.

They also have to hit the armored car of police where police officers are present. It will be fascinating to know what season 4 brings for us.

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