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A Modern Approach to Artificial Intelligence

The curious and creative human mind has invented A Modern Approach to Artificial Intelligence to ease his living since his inception. 

The human race has come a long way from using simple tools for hunting to using innovations in information technology for calculations beyond the capacity of a human brain. One of the latest and most researched fields in information technology is artificial intelligence (AI) which is the epitome of technological intellect.

The Modern Approach to Artificial Intelligence entails the use of computers to perform cognitive functions. Unlike its classical function of executing commands and performing pre-programmed calculations, AI focuses on enabling the processing system to learn, improve and come up with logical solutions. Nowadays we can see the manifestation of AI in a myriad of different fields including medical, industrial, economic fields and even in our daily lives on our cell phones and on the internet. The progress of development was slow in the beginning however after the 1960s with increased funding the development and research on the subject resumed with phenomenal progress in the past decade. From self-driving cars to self troubleshooting computer systems, the scope of AI is unlimited. The idea of an electronic brain, however, comes with its own myths, pros, and cons:-


If the cumbersome process of thinking, analyzing and implementing an improvement plan is reduced and automated, it can increase the productivity of any organization. Daily life can be facilitated immensely by inculcating AI in our day to day use items. The concept of Smart Homes with automatic security, energy saving, and security systems sound like a scene out of a science fiction movie but it is very much possible today. Firms like Google and Amazon are working to improve the user experience under this field. The internet provides an unlimited database which an AI system can use to research patterns and improve and tweak its functioning.


The ultimate fear of human beings since the advent of IT has been computers taking over the world. The oxymoron cliché has a possibility of coming true as there are limited ways to control the logical process of self-improvement in AI systems. The AI system can learn to improve itself in a number of ways which can prove to be dangerous as no strict protocols in terms of human ethos can be taught realistically to a computer.

Moreover, the use of AI in weapon systems can give the control of weapons of mass destruction to machines. Unmanned weapon systems if automated can result in disasters without a critical check on their use.

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