Mike Pence Declares Nicolas Maduro a Totalitarian

The United States Vice President Mike Pence stated today that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro a totalitarian or dictator and said that he “should leave” and prompted the Union European Union (EU) to acknowledge Mr.Juan Guaido as “sole genuine president”.

Presently, 52 nations have acknowledged Mr. Guaido, of which 30 are Europeans.

The United States vice president stated Tehran is “the greatest sponsor of worldwide terrorism” and is “the greatest risk to peace and security.”

The US VP confirmed in the conference held today in Washington in which 30 nations declared their dedication to assist Venezuela and send out humanitarian help.

The United States is “happy” to be the very first nation to acknowledge President Guaido, who has actually declared himself the interim president of the Latin American nation.

In Venezuela there is a “battle between dictatorship and liberty,” argued Pence, who noted the political and financial issues of the Latin American nation and approximated that another 2 million Venezuelans might leave the nation and add to the existing refugees.

” The time has actually come for our European partners to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear contract and to join us when we put the financial and diplomatic pressure on Iranian so as to ensure the world of peace, security, and liberty it should have,” he stated.

The numerous Member States of the European Union acknowledged Guaidó as interim President after they have given Maduro 8 days to call new elections, a demand that the Venezuelan president did not respond to.

” Luckily, flexibility is starting to show itself,” stated Pence, who included that in the next couple of days the Venezuelans will go back to the streets to get “democracy” and a “guideline of law.”

In addition to interfering in the disputes in Syria and Yemen, Iran has actually exported rockets, added to the potential attacks in Europe and is conspiring to “damage Israel,” Pence argued.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Mike Pence likewise stated that it was time for Europe to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal and sign up with Washington to press Tehran.

Mr. Pence made these declarations at the Munich Security Conference, an online forum for diplomacy and defense, in which he stated that Venezuela is “a catastrophe that requires the action of the entire world.”

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