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Mike Pence Accuses Iran of Preparing a “New Holocaust”

US Vice President Mike Pence today called on European allies to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran, which it said was preparing a “new holocaust.”

Mike Pence accused Iran of preparing a “new holocaust” and being “the greatest danger” in the Middle East during a conference on peace and security in that region, in the presence of Arab and Israeli representatives.

The Vice President urged European allies to imitate the US and withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran and regretted that the United Kingdom, France, and Germany have created a special financial mechanism that Washington believes is circumventing the sanctions imposed on that Arab country.

Iran’s sanctions had been eased during President Barack Obama’s term but were sharpened in 2018 by Donald Trump, who broke the nuclear deal, accusing Tehran of failing to abide by its rulings.

But the issue of sanctions against Iran is not consensual among US allies, which explains why neither Germany nor France has sent representatives to the meeting that is taking place in Warsaw today.

But at the opening of the conference, alongside Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister Mike Pence left several certainties of the US government, namely that “there can never be peace and security in the Middle East without a frontal confrontation with Iran “.

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