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Migrants Send Money Home To Portugal In Record Numbers

According to information published today through the Bank of Portugal, Portuguese emigrants who are sending money to Portugal hit 322.9 million euros during November last year, up 14% from 283.4 million during November 2017.

Emigrants’ remittances escalated over 14% during November 2018 to 323 million euros matched up to the same calendar month around 2017, exceeding the total amount of 2017 by 6.3%, when the month is still to get added up from December 2018.

Taking a look at the advancing numbers, it could be observed that the number for last year, 3,554.8 million euros surpasses 6.3% for the total amount for the year 2017, that year emigrants sent to Portugal 3,343.2 million euros, and we are still adding the numbers for the month of December, that information will be accessible 30 days from today..

As expected, within November, Portuguese laborers from France gave the most to the increase, sending out 88.3 million euros, that represents a reduction about 7.5%, well over the emigrants within Switzerland, the 2nd biggest providing nation, sending out 65.5 million, an improvement of 9.2% contrasted to November 2017.

When it comes to Portuguese-speaking African nations (PALOP), remittances climbed by 6.2% from 25.8 million during November 2017 to 27.4 million euros within the exact same calendar month last year.

Starting With January to November of last year, the emigrants within the PALOP have actually transmitted to Portugal 17.2% greater than in the total amount of 2017, considering that the value of 216.48 certified within the overall of 2017 has currently been exceeded by the 253,74  last year.

Angola is actually the biggest issuing market place, with 26.7 million euros, up 6.3% from the 25.1 million sent during November 2017.

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