Democrats Unhappy With Midterm Political Election Results

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The most closely-watched races left Democrats frustrated with the Midterm Political Election results.

In spite of improving a record volume of ad campaign money– $38 million dollars– Beto O’Rourke fell short to unseat Republican politician Ted Cruz.

Democrats might have gained authority or control of the House of Reps, however the vowed/promised  ‘blue wave’ to wash away Commander in chief Donald Trump have not quite happened.

Democrats have actually exceeded the 23 seats needed in order to win command of the House of Reps, flipping over 26 seats to the Republicans, 2 seats as the working day came to a close as all ballots were still being calculated.

“They have not make out as good in the Senate” falling short to flip over a single seat, even though Republicans got 4 and kept their majority.

Republican politician Rick DeSantis narrowly slipped by Andrew Gillum, the black mayor out of Tallahassee to take the place of Rick Scott as governor of The sunshine state “Florida”.

The circumstance back in 2010 were likewise a disappointment to the Democrats after these guys gave up a massive 63 spots or seats within the House.

The press in fact, referred to it as a ” historic defeat” and also “the collapse of the Democratic party.”

RT has more on Midterm Political Election Results in the Video Below.

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