Microsoft to Launch Its Foldable Surface Phone in 2019

According to a new book “Beneath a Surface” written by journalist and tech blog collaborator Brad Sams, Microsoft’s long-awaited foldable phone codenamed Andromeda, Surface Phone is expected to see the light by early next year. Microsoft’s foldable phone is going to be quite similar to Samsung’s recently unveiled foldable phone and Huawei’s soon to be launched foldable phones. Brad Sams also claimed that the foldable phone from Microsoft will run on a customized version of Windows, just like other Windows phone in the past. The device can be folded up from a phone to a tablet.

The book primarily revolves Microsoft’s journey to build advanced surface devices which played a huge role in the market, making the company one of the world’s biggest PC makers. Recently Microsoft surpassed Apple to become the world’s most valuable company. The company’s previous investment to smartphone industry partnered with Nokia failed to gain the momentum. In a try-hard effort. Microsoft tried to salvage the situation by acquiring Nokia in 2013 and continued to sell phones, until after a couple of years the company completely washed off its hands off the smartphone business and sold Nokia to HMD Global.

Last month at its developer conference in San Francisco, Samsung became one of the first smartphone companies globally to unveil a foldable phone and gave us a glimpse of its foldable screen which could be opened like a book. The foldable smartphone from Samsung is expected to officially launch early next year. The company is reported to produce at least 1 million units of them. Even Huawei and Oppo have already confirmed plans to launch foldable phones by early next year. These two companies are also going to incorporate 5G support to attract more number of consumers.

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