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Meteorite Fireballs Falling in Chile Baffles Researchers

Chilean authorities are checking out a number of Meteorite fireballs Falling in Chile on September 25th on the island of Chiloe and even produced numerous fires.

Most of the nearby residents claimed it was undoubtedly meteorites.

Nevertheless, the evaluation performed by researchers out of the National Geology & Mining Company from Chile (Sernageomin) at the Dalcahue region, on the isle of Chiloé, eliminated this as a reason for the fires which occurred this day.


The details spread throughout the media, and even produced some argument amongst the scientific community. This did nothing but nourish the interest of folks that claim that it is some other thing.

Fiestas Patrias: Chile ‘trembles’ by a surge of memes, Chilean stargazer, and astronomer Jose Maza told News City Group media network that these were likely meteorites or perhaps space particles that had come away from spacecraft or even satellites.

For his role, stargazer Jonathan McDowell, out of Harvard-Smithsonian Facility for Astronomy, pointed out on his Twitter profile that “there were no obvious candidates for space debris that [he could] see. However, [sometimes] it takes a number of days to acquire relevant data “.

Nevertheless, geologists released their formal assessment: not any of the 7 sites consisted of meteorite specks.


The authorities are going to perform additional comprehensive evaluations of the dirt samplings gathered in order to discover the reason for the blazes, whereas the sense of mystery supplies the creative imagination of people that would prefer a much more mythological reason for the Meteorite Fireballs Falling in Chile.


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