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Marko Stout – The Next Warhol?

Marko Stout is a critically acclaimed New York artist who has been gaining the attention of many art dealers and collectors. The most relevant and coolest multimedia artist has cult-like attention among art enthusiasts and many in the art world and media are calling him the next Andy Warhol. The Huffington Post refers to his work as inspirational and exciting with his installations, films, prints, and sculptures exhibited at various high end international fine art galleries and museums.

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Based in Manhattan, Marko Stout is a famous international artist renowned for his unique pop style. Although he is now accepted as` a mainstream artist and part of the fashion and art elite, this wasn’t always the case. He started his art career in the late ’90s in San Francisco and later downtown New York City.

Stout’s initial path was unlike any other artist. His life began in a small beach town of New Jersey, away from the glamour and glitz of New York City. His early years were filled with surfing, athletics, and a passion for rock music. After completing high school and the first year of college, Stout decided to travel through Europe and America, picking up odd jobs as he went along.

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He returned home to continue his college studies earning degrees in medicine and biology from Columbia and Princeton Universities. He then spent several years with orthopedic training at a New York veteran’s hospital. Eventually, this specific path became a tiresome one for him so he decided to follow his instinct and split for California.

While living in the unconventional Sausalito community on San Francisco Bay, Stout became acquainted with several local gallery owners, writers, and artists. They would discuss philosophy, music, literature, and art over dinner. Good Mexican weed and Simona Valley wines into the late night, and most often early morning hours. Even though he was away, he was still drawn to the fame and glamour of New York. Finally, he packed up his West Coast bags and returned to New York with the beginning of the new millennium. There, he immersed himself in the downtown art scene.

In recent years, Marko Stout has been well-accepted by art enthusiasts, dealers, and galleries around the world. He has become a growing social and traditional media buzz which continues to gain the attention of many art collectors with his amazing works selling for increasing amounts. The past few years have seen a rapid increase in the interest and stature of Stout, as he advances from local New York and group shows to the prestigious gallery solo shows and large international exhibitions. Marko Stout is now also producing the avant-garde International Art and Film Festival later next year in 2020. The show will bring leaders in the arts and film industries together with international sponsors to Manhattan for a major 2-week artistic event in 2020.

So, is Marko Stout the next Andy Warhol? That is for you to decide. Many in the social media and art world are already calling him that. If you are an art lover, then you should check out his amazing work and decide for yourself. He is the ultimate celebrity pop artist and his fame in the mainstream art community and film work continue to grow.


Author: Crystal Vega

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