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Boxing Day Shooting in Fredericton puts one in Jail the other in Hospital

An unidentified person was taken to an emergency room, another in detention and will encounter assault with a weapon charge after Boxing Day shooting in Fredericton.

A single male was taken to a health center and another to jail after the Fredericton Law enforcement agency reacted to a very early morning shooting Thursday.

Representative Mark Taylor pointed out a 34-year-old Fredericton male was apprehended right after police reacted to a 2 a.m. call on Boxing Day.

The male is anticipated to be charged with assault with a weapon soon as he appears before a magistrate by means of a phone on Thursday.

The other individual was taken to the Dr. Everett Chalmers Provincial Medical facility with trivial personal injuries and was discharged, Taylor pointed out.

There were just “2 individuals associated with the occurrence”, this person stated.

” Undoubtedly folks might be worried about a telephone call such as this, however, there’s zero danger to the general public,” Taylor pointed out.

“It’s an isolated occurrence.”

There were police quickly on the scene at Fredericton‘s southern part of town at 10 a.m.

Taylor mentioned the cops are just not publishing any more relevant information.

A law enforcement agency news releases asked, in the event that any individual knows something regarding the Boxing Day shooting in Fredericton, these individuals ought to get in touch with investigator Matthew Leblanc at (506) 460-2300.

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